Welcome to the Approaching Women website where you’ll learn tips and techniques on approaching women, attracting women, talking to women, and much more.

For some men, approaching a woman is one of the most difficult things they can do. The fear of rejection can make it difficult to approach a woman, start a conversation and ultimately ask a woman out.

This website will help guide you through gaining the confidence to move beyond those self-imposed barriers that might be keeping you from enjoying a relationship with a woman.

Below are some of the topics this website will cover.

Attracting Women
Approaching a woman gets a lot easier if women find you attractive. You’ll learn what women look for in a man and what women want from men. Once you’ve learned what women find attractive in men, you’ll have a lot more success.

Talking to Women
Eventually you have to talk to women and learn how to hold a conversation. That might be why some men don’t talk to women. Too much pressure. Never fear, you’ll learn how to talk with women whether it’s online, at a party, or any other setting you find yourself in. You’ll also learn how to flirt with women and recognize the signs of flirting.

Dating Women
Every man needs tips on dating women. Whether you’re a shy guy or a smooth operator, getting that date will give you the opportunity to create that first impression. Additionally, you’ll learn how to find a date and other tips for dating women.

Meeting Women
More and more men are meeting women online but there are places in your community you can check out that will help increase your odds of finding the right woman for you. You’ll also learn where some of the best places to meet women are and tips on how to meet women online.

We’ll also talk about confidence, shyness, how to make a woman laugh, making yourself look great so you stand out in the crowd, when to use the right amount of humor, and tips on getting over the anxiety that keeps a man from even approaching a woman.

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