How to Attract Women

Approaching women gets easier when you don’t have problems attracting women. How do you attract women? There are many attributes that will help you become more attractive to women.

Attributes like confidence. Confidence is displayed in many ways and in many different situations. To help build your confidence start by looking a women in the eyes while you are talking and listening to her.

Breaking eye contact often during a conversation can be interpreted as weak. Looking away while you talk can come off as not being interested in her.

On the other hand, glaring a woman in the eyes just to make sure you don’t break eye contact can give her a creepy feeling.

You don’t have to be the good-looking star on TV to attract women. This is unrealistic and should be a belief that you banish from your thoughts. This should immediately make you feel more confident.

Another attribute women are looking for is personality. When you’re out and about, notice what the guys look like who are with attractive women. Most likely you’ll notice attractive women with ordinary looking guys.

What does it mean to have personality? Humor is a great asset to have and can be part of your personality. If you don’t have a bit of humor in you, start looking for it and build on it.

Women love it when a man can make them laugh or smile. It’s your job to find subtle bits of humor you can interject in conversations with women to make them smile and laugh.

Don’t over do it and be obnoxious. Just a couple of witty lines can make a memorable impression.

Pay attention to her. This is an attribute you’ll use the rest of your life when it comes to attracting women. You’ll need to pay attention even when you’re married.

When you’re in a restaurant, notice the men and women (couples with no children) who are interacting with one another. Some won’t say a word the whole meal, some will interact a bit and some will be talking to each other through the whole meal.

When you’re trying to a attract a woman, pay attention to her. Listen to what she has to say and don’t act like you need to jump in with a quick response. Asking questions about the conversation to get her feedback will make her feel important and make her feel that what she has to say is important to you.

Well there you go, three attributes you can start working on so you can start attracting women.

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