How To Flirt With Women

Think flirting is silly and only used to pick up women? Think again.

Women love men who flirt with them. You can flirt with your eyes, your body language or directly talking to a woman, here are some tips and techniques that will help you learn how to flirt with women.

Women who are married still crave for their husbands to flirt with them. Flirting makes women feel like you’re giving them that extra bit of attention they want from men. It also opens a pathway to the real you and the real her.

1. Look good
This doesn’t mean you have to be the best looking guy in the room, you just have to look well-dressed. This will help send out a message that you’re someone the women will be looking at. You can find some of the latest fashions in those men fashion magazines. Some of them are even online.

2. Smile
Smiling at a woman across a crowded room can start the flirting. Take a glance at her. Does she glance back periodically like you do. You can have fun with this as you both lock glances each others way. If it happens a few times then proceed in her direction. Once you get there you’ll be able to tell by the way she looks at you whether you should proceed.

3. Teasing
Teasing is a classic way to flirt with a woman. Not a degrading way of teasing or making fun of her but teasing in a way that both of you find funny. Easy to say, hard to do. When she’s talking about something, think of ways you could twist what she is saying that could come off funny to her. Watch out so you don’t come off too strong or making her sound dumb.

4. Observe
One of the easiest things you can do to learn how to flirt is by watching other couples who are flirting. New couples, married couples who are still interested in each other, etc., can lend you visual ques and guidance on how they are flirting.

5. Don’t Over Do It
At some point, you might want to stop the flirting so she wants more. Don’t go over board where the flirting becomes the only thing you do for hours on end. You want to leave her curious and wondering. More flirting can come later.

6. Be Polite
Ask her if you can buy her favorite drink for her or ask her if she would like to share some popcorn or peanuts from the bar or where ever you’re at where you find it appropriate to get her something special.

7. Just Do It
Don’t expect anything out of flirting with a girl. Just do it for at least the practice but more importantly for the playfulness. You’ll find out other sides of a woman, and yourself you didn’t even know was there.

8. Laugh
If you’re getting to the laughing stage or need help getting there, make sure you laugh at anything funny that she says. If you can get her to laugh or smile back at you, keep doing what you just did. Stories that happened during the day are great ways to start the laughter. Ask if anything funny happened to her today.

9. Ask Exciting Questions
When you’re not even close to these locations ask, “Want to go Whitewater rafting tomorrow with me?” “How about parasailing tomorrow in Puerto Vallarta?” Women love excitement doing exciting things, and with these types of questions you’ll get her excited and hopefully a smile in return. Think up some more exciting and crazy things you both could do at the last second. Oh yea, make sure you lean in a bit when you’re doing this.

10. Speak Low
Do you have a high voice, lower it a bit. Maybe even to the point that it’s kind of funny. Again, going for her smile. Think of your favorite manly man in a movie and try to imitate that voice.

11. Touching
Although touching can be a part of flirting, I would wait until she starts it. This could even come off if she starts moving in closer to you. Once she does, you can respond with appropriate touching and not grabbing or groping. A gentle touch on the arm or shoulder helps.

There you have it, 11 great tips and advice on flirting with women.

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