How To Talk To Women

For most men, approaching women and starting conversations can be difficult. Not only do you have to consider the context you’re in, like a sporting event as opposed to a church luncheon, you also have to decide how you’re going to start the conversation.

This is something that causes anxiety for a lot of men. Know that it does and try to embrace the fact that anxiety will be there and it’s something that will disappear as you get more experienced at approaching and talking to women for the first time.

When you find yourself face to face for the first time there are some basic rules you should immediately know like staying clear of cheesy pick-up lines or sexually charged pick-up lines. Introduce yourself in a way you would introduce yourself to a friend of a friend or someone you respect. You wouldn’t want to let down a friend with some embarrassing, cheesy pick-up lines would you?

How to Start

After introducing yourself and hopefully she introduces herself in return, you could ask her a question. Asking a question is a great way to get her talking and show you’re interested in her. If she responds without ending the conversation abruptly and walking away, then that’s one more step closer to a better conversation.

Continue by responding to her in a natural way as if you’re talking with a friend, don’t keep asking questions over and over like an interrogation. If you do that, you might find her abruptly ending the conversation and leaving. A bit of silence is okay in the conversation, you don’t have to keep rambling just to fill up the sometimes awkward silence.

Listen to what she talks about and respond with topics that are relative to what she’s talking about. But don’t stay on one topic for a long period of time, she could become bored and start looking for her friends or even start aimlessly looking in other directions.

Practice by picturing how a successful conversation with a woman looks like. Stand outside yourself and imagine that conversation. Better yet, whenever you’re in a social setting, observe other couples talking and how it’s going for them. How is the woman responding, how is the man standing and looking at her or not.

Another picture to keep in mind is how she’ll brag about you to her friends or tell them how you creeped her out. Keep that in mind when deciding how to proceed. You might want to look for a a social skills quiz to help you out.

Getting Unstuck

When you get stuck or feel like you’re running out of things to say, you can get unstuck by preparing for these types of situations. Take the time to think about and write out 20 topics of conversations you’d like to have with a woman. If you can’t come up with 20 then try 5, add 5 more and so one until you feel comfortable with having enough things to talk about.

Obviously discussing the ins and outs of the latest war game you’ve conquered probably isn’t the best thing to start out with unless you’re at a gaming conference and she’s interested in the same thing. By the way, if you’re interested in the same thing and meeting for the first time at a conference or the party after the conference, it makes it a lot easier to come up with topics.

In fact social groups and social organizations are always a good place to start since you’re in a group where people are interested in the same thing.

Another thing to practice is asking for her phone number or email if things have gone well in the conversation. Not only practice asking when the conversation closes successfully but also when you or her get interrupted suddenly and one of you has to run off.

If you’re looking to learn some flirting techniques with women read this article on flirting advice.

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