Mobile Dating: Meet Women By Using Your Cell Phone

Tired of how long it takes to meet someone using standard online dating services? Try mobile dating, also known as online mobile dating, location based dating, and GPS dating.

What is it?
Mobile dating is finding women by phone or the other way around, women seeking men using their mobile phone. Using a GPS dating app on a Smart phone like the iPhone, you can find single women just around the corner.

Most of the apps rely on instant messaging as a way to break the ice before a real-world conversation takes place. Other features of these apps allow you to engage, chat, wink and flirt, just like you would looking for someone across a crowded room.

How does it work?
Imagine standing in line at a coffee shop and a woman texts you, “Hey, I just read your profile and wanted to let you know I’m one floor up in the same building you’re in. Are you in the coffee shop right now? If so, I’d like to stop down.”

What guy wouldn’t love to receive that text message. That’s how it works with mobile dating. You sign up with a service, provide your picture and profile, and you’ll be found or you can find singles close by, no matter where you’re at.

With most of these sites you can choose to be found in a specific location like a bar, a coffee shop, the bookstore, in the city, nearby cities or anywhere in the world. You can typically switch GPS on or off as well as choose to search anonymously.

You can accept an invitation to meet, reject an invitation or ignore an invitation. Someone you’re interested might be close by. Just remember, she can also say no to meeting you or simply ignore your request as well.

Online mobile dating services help you meet women with your phone. Just sign up at one of these sites using their registration page or use your facebook login where allowed, and you’ll be on your way to meeting single women in no time.

Timely Advantage
The beautiful thing about mobile dating is a meeting can be arranged in minutes which makes it highly convenient for finding someone. However, if you’re going to use a service like this, you’ll want to think about security and use some common sense. Make sure they don’t provide the exact location and exact time you’re at that location to everyone.

Check out mobile dating services at,,,,, and other GPS and location based dating services.

No more long and exhaustive surveys to fill out. Welcome to real-time match making.

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Martin White September 9, 2010 at 7:43 am


I’ve always been a bit over exited before going on a date and I worked out a solution that works really well for me. It is online cinema.

I found a website that offers all kinds of movie streams and you can also chat there so it’s a perfect place to go dating. You can watch something you like together and get to know each other before you actually meet.

It removes a lot of tension and you also get to know the person. Trust me the actual date will be lot’s more fun after that :)

Hope it helps




Phil September 9, 2010 at 9:47 am

@Martin White: Good idea Martin, I had not seen that site before.


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